ARtGlass has developed a proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) platform to serve the unique needs of cultural sites. They guide visitors on interactive journeys through time and space, creating dynamic, immersive storytelling and educational experiences. In the highly competitive market for attracting visitors, cultural sites need distinguishing strategies that allow them to stand out and succeed.

While some companies use handheld 2-D AR on mobile devices, ARtGlass have developed a superior platform that brings wearable 3-D AR to guests. By freeing up users’ hands, ARtGlass eliminates barriers and allows visitors more freedom to fully immerse themselves in site exploration.

“Our dynamic technology can detect visitors’ movements, enhancing what they see with audio, video, text, and 3-D models.”

ARtGlass has been successfully deployed at the full array of cultural sites, including museums of art, science, and culture, historic palaces, homesteads, public arenas, historic districts and city centers, archaeological sites and ruins, and historical parks and landscapes.

ARtGlass tours and regular docent-guided tours can be highly complementary. Many sites do not have docents constantly available, whereas ARtGlass tours empower visitors to proceed at their own pace while still having access to the information provided during a docent-guided tour. Also, augmented reality can make elements of a tour “come alive” in ways that conventional tours cannot. For instance, at an ARtGlass site a tour can be given by multiple historical characters associated with a site, each contributing their perspective to the visitor’s experience.

Here you can check ARtGlass current projects.

ARtGlass brings groundbreaking wearable augmented reality experiences to sites of all kinds, including art museums, iconic buildings and estates, archaeological sites, and more. Below is a sampling of the great places at which visitors are enjoying a transforming ARtGlass experience. You’ll note many are in Italy, home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

ARtGlass sites to visit are listed here

Some ARtGlass sites are time-limited exhibitions, so be sure to check if ARtGlass tours are still present at the site you want to visit!