The virtual museum of the Designer Valentino Garavani is one of the most elegant solutions i have seen. Its mainly focusing on the morphology of his career and its resulting highlights in reflection to the fashion world. Technically the site was composed in a realtime editor (eg. unity3d) and needs a viewer plugin  which can be obtained from the unity3d site for free. In addition the visitor can download a executable version of the application to operate it from his desktop.

Quote from the website:

“Valentino Garavani, legendary fashion designer, has defined a unique world of couture for almost half a century. Now his achievement takes radical new form, in keeping with the creative traditions of the house: THE VALENTINO GARAVANI VIRTUAL MUSEUM. Over 5000 documents have been installed in a spectacular 3D Palazzo. Visit the museum with your web browser or down load the application on your desktop for an optimized experience, and create your unique route through the galleries, to discover and enjoy every aspect of Valentino’s extraordinary world.”