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The Grand Museum VR on STEAM

From the Steam site: This virtual museum environment contains 82 models of real world ancient works of art, originating from many ancient cultures of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Actual ancient relics that are found on display at the great museums around the world were photo-scanned by IGIIID. Investigate the archives and discover the history of the art pieces. Read...

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USA Today Enhances Notre Dame Fire Coverage with Augmented Reality Experience

Excerpt from USA Today Just days later, on Wednesday, the augmented reality team at USA Today managed to add a related interactive 3D experience to its app, displaying the famous structure as it appeared before the conflagration. The news outlet published the interactive experience to its iOS and Android apps alongside its traditional news account of the fire and the city’s reconstruction plans. As of this writing, the story is located under the Top Stories section on the app, highlighted with blue “Interactive Story” text above the story.   Read...

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NVidia book release on realtime raytracing : Ray Tracing Gems

This book is a collection of articles focused on ray tracing techniques for serious practitioners. Like other “gems” books, it focuses on subjects commonly considered too advanced for introductory texts, yet rarely addressed by research papers. The electronic version of this books is free to download, and can be shared under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. We link to two versions: The original Apress download page. This site links to the PDF of the printed book and PDFs for individual articles, and the book can be searched without any downloading. Unofficial PDF with errata corrected....

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VIMM has been honoured as a Success Story

The Virtual Multimodal Museum Coordination and Support Action (CSA), funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme has been honored by selecting it to be a success story representing within the topic of ” Cooperation on Advancing Digitisation of Cultural Heritage” at the “digital day 2019”. A excerpt of the Decalaration of Rome states the following: In the Rome Declaration of March 2017, the leaders of 27 Member States and of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission re-affirmed their commitment to a Union that preserves our cultural heritage and promotes cultural diversity. Increasing threats to cultural...

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New AR VR Standard from the Chronos Group

The Chronos Group known for the release of new Web, Mobile and Desktop 3D Standards has released a new Standard for AR/VR, the Open XR Standard. From the Chronos Website: “OpenXR seeks to simplify AR/VR software development, enabling applications to reach a wider array of hardware platforms without having to port or re-write their code and subsequently allowing platform vendors supporting OpenXR access to more applications. With the release of the OpenXR provisional specification, AR/VR developers and creators get their first public access to the API for review and comment.” Read...

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