Author: konstantin

The Time Machine FET Flagship

The Time Machine FET Flagship builds a Large Scale Simulator mapping 2000 years of European History, transforming kilometres of archives and large collections from museums into a digital information system. These Big Data of the Past are common resources for the future that will have a huge cultural, economical and societal impact. Researchers from all over the world are now joining forces to bring the past back in one of the most ambitious project ever on European culture and identity. Key Points The project has a large European coverage with already 242 partners in 33 countries It pushes the research...

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VR brings our 30,000-year old Homo sapiens ancestors back in 3D for the first time

30 000 years ago Sungir people — European early modern humans — were living on the territory of Central Russia. In the hostile conditions of Ice Age they reached an amazingly high level of craftsmanship and left more than 80 000 cultural and household artifacts at the site. Museums and schools around the world can access Sungir animation for free using VRScience Android app compatible with Google Cardboard or any other Cardboard-compatible VR headset at 4K resolution. Read...

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