The Virtual Multimodal Museum Coordination and Support Action (CSA), funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme has been honored by selecting it to be a success story representing within the topic of ” Cooperation on Advancing Digitisation of Cultural Heritage” at the “digital day 2019”.

A excerpt of the Decalaration of Rome states the following:

In the Rome Declaration of March 2017, the leaders of 27 Member States and of the European
Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission re-affirmed their commitment
to a Union that preserves our cultural heritage and promotes cultural diversity.

Increasing threats to cultural heritage due to natural disasters, pollution, mass tourism,
deterioration over time, terrorism and vandalism, create an urgent need to make the most of
digital technologies to record, document and preserve Europe’s cultural heritage and foster their
accessibility to European citizens. At the same time, high quality, interoperable and open access
to digital cultural heritage assets are essential to create higher digital engagement for audiences
and foster spill-overs in sectors such as tourism, education, creative industries and the tech
Emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and extended reality offer
numerous possibilities to further process and use digital cultural heritage. 3D technologies are
especially promising, providing new ways of advancing scientific understanding, handling and
restoring damaged or fragile heritage and ensuring digital preservation that reflects the
uniqueness and multidimensionality of our heritage. 3D is also one of the foundations for
interactive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality for cultural applications.

The Commission Recommendation on digitisation and online accessibility and digital
preservation of cultural material (2011/711/EU) has helped Member States to develop strategies
and improve conditions for the entire digitisation lifecycle.

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