Laval Virtual ReVolution is an annual series of world wide VR technology demonstration competition since 2006. This is the competition that brings together the most innovative projects in the world. These projects, ranging from the most playful to the most scientific, represent the early beginnings of future Virtual Reality technologies which could become a part of your future daily life. Selected by a jury of professionals and scientists, the best projects receive a booth in the Laval Virtual exhibition.

“VR 5.0”

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2019 calls for innovative virtual reality demo projects that fall under the theme, “VR5.0”. Let us bring in the next version of VR. In prehistoric age, the human race had worked by hunting and farming. The extra commodities were used to exchange for other goods which gave birth to commerce, market, and currency. Later industrial and logistics creates new products and opens up new possibilities. We, the human society believe the reality of virtue of economy that contains gold, law, products, companies and efficiency…etc. However, they might as well felt as imaginary things in the past era. Some virtue, small examples and experiences could bring us to the next era. Now we are living in the internet age, which began from “Web1.0” with static servers and HTML page contents. Today we all have smartphones which connect all people by IPs with a small touchable display. The web technology is going to from 2.0 to 3.0 thanks to the personalized filtering and smart contracts by block chains. However, we still have not recognized the new virtue in the history of virtual reality. The VR3.0 were developed by game engine and personal HMD. VR4.0 will be developed by social media and commerce technology that will be faster and more efficient than real commerce. The ReVolution 2019 will try to focus on the cross point of VR3.0 and VR4.0, social + web and the next generation of our virtual reality. Do not forget to recognize the future virtue of reality.

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