VIMM Working Group 1.3 Plan

One of the objectives of the Virtual Multimodal Museum (ViMM)[1] network is to gain an overview of current challenges and demands of international stakeholders in the field of digital cultural heritage. To investigate, we launched an online survey in August 2017. The survey contained four free-text questions without any anchor examples. We advertised the survey by mailings to all ViMM members as well as to authors of conference papers of CIPA symposia, EUROMED, 3DArch, CAA and VAST conferences dating from 1999 to 2015. This sample included 3148 valid email addresses. By 15 November 2017, 708 individuals had participated and 349 questionnaires were fully completed.[2] For evaluation, we segmented multiple answers into single logical units. Categorization of answers took place via qualitative content analysis [3]. Limitations of our study include a potentially biased sample, since primarily conference authors were invited, and – due to the often low number of counts per item – a limited reliability of rankings.

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ViMM WG 1.3 Communication and Interaction Plan