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WG 4.3 Gamification

1.Scope and Objectives This working group focuses on Gamification elements that will be integrated to the VMs. Gamification elements have the potential to motivate visitors to further research and explore the VM. Serious games are considered an ideal example of learning through gaming process capable of presenting educational content with a different approach. An important and really interesting question is how to make a VM amusing and sociable. Gamification can provide the necessary motivation elements that can achieve a more interesting and interactive VM. WG4.3 has the following scope and objectives: Analyze the definition of the gamification and indicate the benefits of integrating gamification elements in Virtual Museums Provide potential game elements that Virtual Museums could have to enrich the user experience and motivate to users to further explore the VM Provide an overview on new mechanics/dynamics and components with possible potential in VMs Analyze the gamification elements – Mechanics, Dynamics and Components and how they change through different realities 2.Topics To achieve this, we will create and asses a list concerning the topics: Gamification elements in VR/AR User experience 3.Outcome The outcome of this work will include: A state of the art for gamification and gamification elements: Mechanics, Dynamics and Components in VR and AR. This state of the art will be published in the VIMM platform Working Group members: Nils Huebner, ARDictive Stella Syllaiou, Hellenic Open University Florian Niebling,...

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WG 4.1 VR/AR storytelling

1.Scope and Objectives The way in which the content of a museum is presented is a factor that needs much attention. There are various ways to present an exhibition but which one is more suitable considering the medium in which it is presented? A storytelling experience using VR/AR technology may have some potential to consolidate basic ideas and thoughts when integrated into a VM. The storytelling experience can balance between interaction and educational content. WG4.1 has the following scope and objectives: Compare how the storytelling experience differs in VR and AR Provide a state of the art of storytelling methods and how each method affects learning, user experience and immersion Propose efficient illumination algorithms for realistic rendering of Virtual narrators Analyze the definition of Interactive Storytelling in VR and AR 2.Topics   To achieve this, we will create and asses a list concerning the following topics: VR/AR storytelling Interactive storytelling (adaptive change of of characters’ behavior base on visitors’ inputs) Real-time illumination 3.Outcome The outcome of this work will include: A vast list of VR/AR Storytelling techniques that will be published on the ViMM-platform. These techniques will focus on AR and VR. Another important aspect that will provide a state of the art and will be published on the ViMM-platform is algorithms for real-time illumination for deformable characters. Working Group members: Victor Manuel López- Menchero Bendicho, University of Murcia...

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