Elena Lagoudi Museum collections, Digital services and infrastructures for GLAMs, Museum documentation, Mobile services for museums
GRIL Joseph Mechanical modeling – Conservation of wooden objects – Influence of microclimate
Kate Fernie Digital libraries Metadata Digitisation 3D Geographic information Digital archaeology and architecture Digital preservation
Lizzy Jongma Digitization of (Art) historical Objects Harvesting, connecting Digital Heritage E-Humanities / e-History WW2 Search and retrieval Digital Heritage Web Development DH
Stefanie Wefers Knowledge representations, 3D / spectral data
Cettina Santagati 3D modeling Photogrammetry Laser Scanning H-BIM Community engagement
Onno Ephraim Digital Heritage · Tangible & Intangible Heritage · Immersive Technologies in Cultural Heritage · Virtual Museums · Virtual Art
Bogdan Steh – mining and industrial heritage preserved and presented with new media settings (VR, AR, MR), collaboration between art, science and economy – humanization of technology
Chris Vastenhoud 3D visualisation · General Innovation in museum practice
Dr. Florian Niebling – developer of methods and technologies to transfer extensive repositories of historical media and their contextual information into a three-dimensional spatial model, with an additional temporal component
Florian Innerhofer 3d Documentation
Thomas Reuter Archaeological Heritage Office
Nitin Dhemre Content creation for augmented reality
PANTELIS VOLONAKIS Virtual archaeometry laboratory and reconstructing cultural heritage sites as educational approaches.
GABRIELE MONTI fashion design,
Rui Filipe Antunes Virtual Humans and 3D simulations of heritage sites
Yacine Benmansour Géo information data management · Building Information Modeling (BIM) · Geographic Information System (GIS) · Immersive VR systems experiments in cultural heritage
Manolis Wallace Cultural information management, intelligent cultural interfaces and environments, personalization of cultural experiences.
LISA CHEN Geodetic Science Digital Photogrammetry for 3D cultural heritage archives