Dr. Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou · Management of Cultural heritage sites & monuments · BIM, HBIM · Digital Heritage · Virtual Monuments & Sites
Dr. Paolo Vitti · Virtual Monument · Virtual Archeology · Virtual Museums · BIM, HBIM
Aleksandra Kostič Art Historian – Slovenian Cultural Heritage Strategic Program for European Capital of Europe 2012 Maribor, Slovenian – co-organizer and co-editor of the eCultValue project, cofunded by FP7 of the EC – interdisciplinary content creator, connecting various fields: cultural heritage, art, creative industries, new technologies
Peter Tomaž Dobrila B.SC. in electrotechnics and computer engineering and artist with interest in media, ICT and digital contents in arts, culture, education, science and research ▪▪Digital on-line and off-line contents development (websites, apps etc.)
THOMAS BREMER · Game Studies · Game Technology · Game Design · Virtual Reality · Augmented Reality
Athina Grammatikopoulou game design, game based learning, sensorimotor learning, virtual reality, virtual learning environments
Paul Zikas Serious Games and Storytelling for Cultural Heritage. – VR/AR transition of Virtual Museums. – 3D reconstruction via pointcloud scanning of Cultural Heritage relics. – Gamification on Virtual Museum applications.
Fotis Liarokapis virtual reality, augmented reality, serious games
VICTOR MANUEL LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO Virtual Archaeology, Standardisation, 3D digitalisation, Charter of Seville
Marc Hernández Güell A) City, Culture & Digital Humanities. B) Production of Digital heritage projects C) Software for GLAM’s
DANIEL PLETINCKX design, quality assurance, digital image processing and synthesis, 3D and virtual reality
Raffaella Brumana Architectural Heritage&Built Environment; Map heritage collections; – Enriched content modeling, advanced surveying techniques; BIM-GIS-3DModelling-VR-AR; – Virtual Museums based on 3Dgeospatial data; Landscape Museums; Open Data AccessVirtualHub&semantic based platforms&metadata; open source geoportal atlas; interoperability, format exchange and remote management
Daniel Thalmann Simulation of ancient cities, like Pompeii. Crowd Simulation of ancient populations: Romans, Greeks etc… Behavioral animation of ancient people.
Piotr Kuroczyński Digital 3D reconstruction, Documentation Visualization of cultural heritage
Petja Janžekovič storytelling – new media – interdisciplinary research
Dorothea Tsatsou Networked narratives, immersive experience personalization, interactive storytelling
Nausikaa El-Mecky Censorship on digital image sharing platforms Dangers of digital reconstructions Didactics
Nils Huebner Creation of augmented and interactive storytelling experiences/visits for tourist sites. – Storytelling – Interaction – Experience design – Business case – Combining competences – Managing projects – Professional understanding of the augmented reality technology and tools with their respective advantages and current limitation
Constantine Stephanidis Immersive experiences for interaction with cultural heritage – Playful Interaction with Cultural Heritage Exhibits – Mobile AR interactive applications for Virtual Museums – Storytelling using AR and MR
George Margetis Visualization and multimodal interaction with exhibits · AR & MR for Virtual Museums · Enhancing UX through gamification
Nikolaos Partarakis Visualization and multimodal interaction with exhibits · AR & MR for Virtual Museums · Enhancing UX through gamification