is a professional platform that allows users to integrate cutting-edge AR technology into compelling mobile-AR games and experiences. Start with the Unity templates or their Explore AR app users can have a prototype in the hand very soon. Customize our templates in Unity to create unique apps with your own visual design, branding, and gameplay. All location services, map integration, AR tools and a host of ready-to-go game mechanics are included so users can see the game or experience in action as soon as possible.

Motive provides unparalleled creative control for both creative professionals and game developers. The drag and drop web editor and extensible Unity SDK allow teams to work in tandem, creating a more efficient workflow. Using Motive to create apps makes rapid prototyping easy. Content can be tested and revised multiple times for maximum precision and seamless user experiences.

Here are some of case studies.

Motive’s mobile AR support falls broadly into two categories:

  • Vision Augmented Reality: Vision AR covers technologies like Vuforia, Wikitude, and ARKit that use real-world image tracking to anchor media and interactive elements on a live camera feed.
  • Location-based Augmented Reality: Location AR is used for Pokemon Go-styled games and apps where you use your phone’s camera to interact with virtual items connected to real-world locations.

With Motive’s location-based augmented reality features, developers can easily create mobile games and apps that combine location services, GPS, and a variety of media types. The possibilities are only limited by developers imagination.

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Marker-Based AR’s marker-based AR support makes it easy to create engaging, immersive experiences using image tracking technologies like Vuforia, Wikitude, and ARKit. With Motive’s rich gameplay and branching narrative features, you can unleash the potential for vision AR to engage people in ways that were never before possible. Augment your world with interactive video, audio, images, and 3D objects for room escapes, adventure games, scavenger hunts, conference apps, or whatever else you can imagine. Check out our Escape to Mars demo app for a great example of vision AR powering a room escape-style game.

Designed for Flexibility

Combining marker-based AR with Motive’s powerful authoring tool means that you have maximum flexibility when it comes to designing vision AR experiences. Unlike most vision AR authoring systems, you can change the meaning of markers on the fly. Combined with Motive’s adaptive content engine, you can design experiences that change and adapt to every player as they go. Because Motive experiences are delivered on demand over the Internet, you can make changes to the experience in near-real time. This has enormous benefits–consider our experience building the Escape to Mars app for AWE 2017. Using the Motive authoring tool, we were able to set up the whole experience the day before the show by simply swapping our test markers with images from the show floor. We were also able to adapt during the show itself as we observed how foot traffic patterns obscured some of the images we chose. We did all of this through the Motive web tool without having to make any changes to the app itself