Reconstructing Tell el-Daba

In 2017, the VIMM project partner  7reasons had the chance to collaborate with the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW), OREA Digital Archaeology Research Group and Ludwig Bolzmann Institute for archaeological prospection and virtual archaeology, reconstructing and digitising  the long term excavation project of  Prof. Manfred Bietak at Tell el Daba /Aegypt. The visualisation of the temple complex was used for various publications but is also accsessable on the projects site giving a insight to the projects aims  as well as howcasing the results in 3d realtime applications (see bottom of the page).

The main motivation for the visualisation of the finds of the TD F/I palace is to share and disseminate the current state of knowledge of existing and reconstructed architectural structures and their interpretation. In order to reach a wider public, it was decided to choose a format suitable for the presentation over the internet, which also allows a presentation of the final content on mobile devices as well as cinematic formats providing image sequences which could be used on and offline. So-called ‘3D Real-time Environments’ and ‘walk–through’ allow users to interact with a 3D environment to discover the reconstructed site on their own pace studying the included archaeological information and experiencing architectural spaces from a first-person view.

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Walkthrough of the reconstructed 3d Model,  3D Model Viewer with sections and phases,       reconstruction of a tomb.