The TravelAR Slovenia application is up and running and had its unofficial launch mid-November during the Day of Innovation organized by the Incubator of Kočevje.

The TravelAR Slovenia tourism app is an exciting, interactive Augmented Reality experience for visitors of the towns of Kočevje and Črnomelj who would like to discover the local tourist attractions and learn more about its cultural heritage. The app gives users historical and touristic information in a playful way in the form of dynamic AR narratives and 3d reconstructions on designated locations in both towns.

Spring 2018 the TravelAR Slovenia app will officially be launched in Kočevje. Two locations in the town centre will function as platforms to trigger this AR experience.

Also in the center of Črnomelj a location will be prepared (spring 2018) which will serve as a marker for an Augmented Reality experience featuring a reconstruction of the old town center as it was in the 17th century with a captivating narrative and interactivity. In Črnomelj the app will also include an AR tour of the town with pictures and a compelling story highlighting the events taking place there during the Second World War. 

Although the TravelAR Slovenia app is intended to be an on location experience we also enable anyone who is interested to try it from the comfort of their own home. Feel free to download the application TravelAR Slovenia from the Google Play Store here or Apple App Store here, go to our dedicated webpage here to print the markers, follow the instructions and launch the experience.

It goes without saying that the scale of the content from the printed marker differs from the on location marker in Kočevje.

More locations supporting the TravelAR Slovenia app are currently being developed, and will be deployed in the coming years.