Below are a few ways to take advantage of augmented reality apps for museums to create a truly immersive experience.

1. Go in-depth with a painting or exhibit.
It’s time to get beyond the printed placard next to the painting. Augmented reality can give your visitors so much more than a few words on a card or tour from a docent. When a viewer uses your AR app, you can show them a virtual tour of the artist’s studio. Or, if it’s a plein air piece, show them a panoramic shot of the actual landscape. Show a video demonstrating the impasto painting technique used on a particular piece. Or, what better person to give a quick lecture on a painting but the artists themselves? Imagine hiring the right talent and having “Van Gogh” talking about his masterpiece as though he was there?

2. Send Your Visitors on a Scavenger Hunt
Get inspired by Pokémon Go and send visitors on a scavenger hunt through your museum. You can have them find and photograph either actual exhibit pieces or virtual creations only seen inside the app. Either way, create a themed list to prompt visitors to explore the far corners of your property. The National Museum of Singapore does a great job with this concept.  “The Story of the Forest,” is an immersive installation that transforms 69 drawings into 3D animations. The visit is enhanced with their corresponding app that sends visitors on a scavenger hunt; guests capture and learn more about the various flora and fauna for a deeper appreciation of the exhibit.

3. Location and Timed Notices 

Lastly, include a way to monetize your investment into AR technology. Consider this: you’ll have visitors onsite and engaged with an application you created. It’s the perfect time to give subtle updates about other events happening at your museum. Or, make use of augmented reality’s ability to track a users location. If they are close to your café or gift shop, promote a sale or daily special. If you have any fee-based experiences, you give visitors a timed notice. Let them know it’s happening soon, and where they can find it. Finally, as your guests head towards the exit, prompt them to return with a list of upcoming events and discounts.

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