The objective of Digitizing Early Farming Cultures (DEFC) is the standardization and integration of archaeological research data from the Neolithic and Copper Age (7000 – 3000 BC) in Greece and Western Anatolia.

Greece and Western Anatolia are two neighbouring and archaeologically closely related regions. However, they have usually been studied in isolation from each other, resulting in fragmented data organized according to different knowledge schemes. Independent terminologies and chronologies have developed, hindering collaborative research. To provide a basis for studying archaeological phenomena collaboratively across the whole region, standardization of research data is required. The aim of this project is to harmonize existing datasets, digitize analogue data from publications and integrate metadata for easy access and data reuse.

Over 90 3D scanned items, as well as a reconstruction of the neolithic site of Çukuriçi Höyük can be inspected and viewed online.