What Color Were the Dinosaurs?

Little L, interactive exhibition about the Australian polar dinosaur – Immerse into the world of dinosaurs using VR equipment

Visitors of the show can use a special headset and virtual air brush to color their own 3D-printed dinosaur. The direct transmission onto the big screen allows them to not only observe but also co-create the exhibit, while photographs of their creations are shared through social networks.

Source: Dragica Bošnjak, Newspaper Daily Delo, Saturday, 3 March 2018


(Slovenian language)

Photo: Part of the Deakin University team and the National Wool Museum, which prepared an exhibition of Little L. Dr, Kaja Antlej is the second from the left. Photo: Joel Carnegie

The Little L Project

Encounter Australia’s polar dinosaur for the first time – in a ground-breaking virtual reality x 3D palaeontology experience.

Get up close and personal with a wallaby-sized polar dinosaur found in the Otways – the “Leaellynasaura”.

The ambitious exhibition, called The Little L Project brings together the National Wool Museum, Deakin University, PrimeSci, and Museums Victoria to develop a ‘mixed reality’ museum experience, blending the physical and digital world for the first time.

The ‘Little L’ polar dinosaur roamed the vast river valley that spread from Australia to Antarctica, and was the size of a small wallaby.

People will be able to interact with ‘Little L’ in Virtual Reality, but to be able to simultaneously touch a 3D printed Leaellynasaura with the exhibit tracking hand gestures, to allow people to choose the colour of Little L’s skin.


Date: 16th Feb 2018 – 15th Apr 2018
Location: National Wool Museum, 26 Moorabool St