A collaboration of the British museum and Oculus has led to the development of a new interactive tour that can be experienced directly within Facebook’s News Feed, using VR headsets and any web or mobile device.

The user is presented with two options: tour 3,000 years of ancient sculpture or walk through galleries of Egyptian mummies and all that with the help of virtual reality.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because it is a great innovation in virtual museums. With the help of virtual reality, a user can take a virtual tour by using a VR headset right from their Facebook news feed. This virtual tour includes expert audio commentary from the curators of the British museum, which has to do with the area of storytelling. Also, the users can get close to colossal statues of pharaohs or walk through galleries of Egyptian mummies, which gives them the feeling of presence, like they are there in real life. Finally, the text descriptions and interactive 3D models of highlight objects make up for the gamification elements that this virtual tour provide the users with.

Oculus: https://www.oculus.com 

Source: : https://blog.britishmuseum.org/explore-ancient-egypt-in-our-virtual-reality-tour/?utm_content=bufferd6f9d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer