A new application at Carnegie Museum of Art lets visitors climb the steps of historic buildings, peek through their columns and even snap a picture of their virtual adventure, all with the help of augmented reality.


More specifically, in Carnegie Museum of Art’s Hall of Architecture in Oakland, people can grab a tablet device in the gallery and select one of the featured pieces, in order to get instructions about the location of the chosen piece in the museum.

When they find it, by pointing the tablet at the piece and following the prompts of the application, the visitors can delve into the history of the work and also tap the image to highlight key points of interest.

The most important part is that the visitors can navigate the tablet over an open space on the floor in order to watch as the app builds the entire structure in front of them, highlighting the fragment that was shown at the museum. The visitors can also explore those reconstructed buildings from every point of view and also take a photo using augmented reality.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because it is a nice and innovative adaption of augmented reality to museums. With the help of augmented reality, visitors can learn about the history of different buildings and monuments that are in this specific exhibition, by exploring those buildings in augmented reality. For each of the featured pieces that the visitors choose, they learn about their history (like when and why they were created, etc.), by reading the text that appears on the screen of the device, which belongs to the storytelling sector. Also, the fact that buildings can be reconstructed right in front of them in augmented reality, gives them the feeling of presence. Finally, the fact that the visitors select a piece and they try to find it in the museum, with the help of the application and the fact that they can explore the virtual buildings from every point of view make up for the gamification elements that the visitors are provided with.


Source: http://upflow.co/l/eqNI/2017/10/26/time-travel-in-augmented-reality-with-this-new-art-museum-app