WG 6.1 – Flowchart of the digitalization process– Terms of Reference

Scope and Objectives

Discovery thematic area will take a broader look at Virtual museums, looking into digitisation as a process.

Together with WG 6.1 the TA will work on a flowchart for digitisation processes. This flowchart will demonstrate the single actions and will show the accompanying considerations for each action. This flowchart will be published on the ViMM-platform.

WG6.1 has the following scope and objectives:

  • To create a state of the art of methods for digitalization of tangible and intangible assets used for Cultural Heritage content
  • To propose an efficient digitisation pipeline for tangible and intangible CH assets, using existing available tools and technologies. A precise flowchart will be generated and published on the ViMM platform.
  • To create sequential processing for CH assets. It includes the digitisation of practical examples.


To achieve this, we will create and assess (items on) a list concerning four topics. These are:

  • Tangible digitisation method
  • Intangible digitisation method
  • Formats, architectures, data structure
  • Efficient flowchart for digitisation process


The outcome of this work will include:

A vast list of best practices and state of the art examples of structure, architecture, formats, user interaction and technologies used in 3D data digitisation. It will include an analysis of said practices and examples too.

Working Group members:

Professor Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann – MIRALab / University of Geneva, Switzerland

Professor Frank Boochs – Hochschule Mainz / University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Lisa Chen – Pix4D / spinoff of EPFL, Switzerland