Scope and Objectives

This working group collected best-practice examples from different fields of automatic information extraction, relevant to digital cultural heritage like: text-mining, image pattern recognition (interpretation) etc., but especially of UAV supported information capture.

WG experts identified and collected examples of mechanisms of automatic information extraction. Initially, these examples were shared and discussed internally.

The WG defined a structure for the description of examples of automatic information extraction relevant for digital cultural heritage. These structures were be discussed and adjusted by the WG experts as necessary.


  • Provide a list of examples of automatic information extraction.
  • Describe a structure of the description of the examples.


A list of best-practice examples of automatic information extractions. Stakeholders are invited to discuss and comment on this list.

Working Group members:

  • Richard Light, Richard Light Consultancy, UK
  • Frederik Temmermans, etrovub, Belgium
  • Marco Rendina, Greece
  • Marko Grobelnik, IJS, Slovenia
  • Felix Sasaki, DFKI, Germany
  • Imke Kaufmann, SMB-PK, Germany
  • Stefan Rohde-Enslin, SMB-PK, Germany
  • Arlene Peukert, SMB-PK, Germany