Author: Guenther Weinlinger

VIMM TA2 Directions Working Group 2.1: Technology and Tools, Outcome

Technologies and Tools
Outcome of Work

The Working Group 2.1 Technologies and Tools of the VIMM Thematic Area 2-Directions has provided the outcome of work: a vast list of 89 best practices and state of the art examples of design (14), user experience (15), tools (14), user interaction (15), and technologies (31) in order to create an overview of available tools and technologies surrounding virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) that are, can be, or should be used by cultural heritage (CH) and to create an overview of tools and technologies that are required by CH to create VR/AR/MR. It included an analysis of some bad practices and examples too.

Members in WG 2.1 are Aleksandra Kostič as the chairwoman and distinguished experts from fields of digital media and cultural heritage: Davide Spalazzo, Margaretha Mazura, Dick van Dijk, Petja Janžekovič, Florian Niebling, Els de Rooy, Snežana Stabi, Cristina Vannini, Tadej Vindiš

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