Domus Aurea’s archaeological restoration site reopen enhanced by a new and innovative multimedia experience aimed to improve the scientific value of the site, focusing on new technologies as immersive virtual reality and video narration (the latest technologies as Video Mapping and Virtual Reality).

  • High definition projections about Domus Aurea’s history will be presented at the beginning of the itinerary, in the main access aisle;

  • High definition installation in augmented reality in the “Golden Vault Room”.

Altair4 Multimedia, Rome, Italy, has given a go at reconstructing the entire monumental structure with the use of some fascinating 3D rendering techniques. Altair4 multimedia designs and produces virtual reality applications to explore ancient sites and museums. All of the 3D products from our studio are available for augmented reality applications where users can juxtapose them to current reality. The use of augmented reality applied to historical-archaeological monuments allows for an effective comparison between past and present, making it easier to understand for an increasingly large audience. This work includes the production of all-round multi-level videos which make it possible to juxtapose current reality to a reconstruction of the ancient site. The virtual reconstruction they produce is the ideal image of a monument as can be assumed by interpreting the collected data, also through a comparison between the various scientific disciplines at work on the field.

These reconstructions, strictly based on scientific data, are also a powerful tool for study and inspection offered to historians, archaeologists and architects and, as part of the increasingly fast—paced interaction with the real item, thanks to MVR techniques, they become a true form of virtual restoration.