Zoom in on 'The Tower of Babel', Bruegel the Elder, Museum Boijmans Van
Beuningen. There are so many intricate details in Bruegel's work you have the feeling
you can zoom in indefinitely: https://goo.gl/hRBjff.

The biblical tower was probably inspired by the by the great Babylon “ziggurat”.

At the top of the enormous complex, with a square base thought to measure 91 meters and a total height of 91 meters, was a temple reached by steps and a ramp running the length of the façade.

This construction had long disappeared by the 16th century, but descriptions had been kept from which Bruegel got his architectural inspiration.

The round shape of Bruegel’s tower, which contrasts with the square shaped ziggurat design, was not the only element inspired by the Colosseum, Bruegel also copied the Roman monument’s arches.