Author: Christiana Polycarpou

New PhD Position at the Unesco Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage – Cyprus University of Technology

Dear colleague, Applications are invited from candidates who possess the necessary qualifications in order to fill one (1) full time Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Early Stage Researcher (ESR) Fellow Position in the newly established Unesco Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage / Digital Heritage Research Lab at CUT of the Cyprus University of Technology / Τεχνολογικό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου (CUT – in the research field of Enrichment of 3D volumetric objects with Metadata and Semantics in Cultural Heritage: The selected Marie S. Curie ESR will work for thirty six (36) months within the H2020 Initial Training Network CHANGE Marie S. Curie ITN Project (, an EU-funded programme bringing together eight (8) leading European Institutions as full beneficiaries and...

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Virtual reality helping children fight fear of medical treatment

Tech firms in Brazil use virtual reality to help children cope with the fear of medical treatment. According to BBC, the VR Vaccine project is designed to help children feel better about otherwise petrifying medical procedures. Here the children are provided a VR headset and a 3D animated adventure story, where armoured heroes fight bad guys.The medical procedure is synchronised with the story. The nurse can view the story on a separate screen and administers the injection accordingly. This project was initiated by the pharmacy chain Hermes Pardini and its vaccination campaigns and they collaborated with design studios VZLAB...

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‘Digital museum’ brings millions of fossils out of the dark

The bid to create a “global digital museum” has been welcomed by scientists, who say it will enable them to study valuable specimens that are currently “hidden” in museum drawers. Museums including London’s Natural History Museum and the Smithsonian in Washington DC are involved. They have set out ambitious plans to digitise millions of specimens. Digitally recording the 40 million fossils at the Smithsonian will take an estimated 50 years. But five years into the project, the team says it is “bringing dark data into the light” for crucial research. The day the fossil feathers flew What is digitisation? Image copyrightSMITHSONIAN INSTITUTIONImage captionThe...

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As sales slide, virtual reality fans look to a bright, untethered future

Wearable watchers, CCS Insight, had good news and bad news for the virtual and augmented reality industry today. Sales are tanking but look! New hardware! The report underlines just how much the industry has been driven by users of smartphone-based VR, which peaked at 8 million units in 2017 before plummeting to just 3 million in 2018. The net result is the total VR shipments in 2018 will actually end up less than 2017. Smartphone-based VR, which has its roots in basic cardboard-style viewers into which a user slotted their phone, includes the likes of Samsung’s Gear VR. Users...

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