Immersive storytelling will have you looking at environmental issues in an impactful new way.

2019 will be an important year for Earth Day. Climate change, ocean pollution, and animal extinction are rising at a rapid pace. Planet Earth is in big trouble, and it needs powerful and innovative ways to spread environmental awareness to educate and empower people all over the globe.

Earthx2019 Expo – the world’s largest Earth Day celebration – held in Dallas, TX between April 26 and April 28, will have over 40 immersive experiences as part of their EarthxInteractive portion of the festival , including AR and VR experiences created to educate audiences, raise awareness, and drive positive impact and lasting change on our environmental issues.

Organizers of the massive Earth Day event have curated a fantastic collection of educational experiences that will take you on a wild immersive journey all around the world. You will find yourself swimming with dolphins, rescuing turtles, exploring remote islands, and traveling through Africa to defend wildlife – all through the power of AR, VR, and MR technology.

Watch the video here.

EarthxInteractive will also use other forms of creative technology such as interactive walls, virtual visualization, and immersive viewing platforms in hopes of educating you on what is happening to our planet by delivering a memorable punch right to your empathy zone.

VR is a powerful empathy tool that has been proven through research to effectively expose users to new perspectives and impact future decision-making. Jeremy Bailenson of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab talked about this in a 2016 TedTalk where he discussed his research on how VR could help create empathy around climate change and how immersive technology can actually change behavior.

Michael Cain, President and Founder of EarthXFilm, said in a promotional video, “We wanted to create a festival that goes head on and takes place in many forms. We not only wanted to create awareness, we wanted to create an impact.”

Earthx2019 takes place April 26 – 28 and also includes the EarthxAutoShow, EarthxTaste, a Solar Car Challenge, Tiny House Exhibit, and a slew of other expos you can experience or participate in, each designed to teach you how to make a big difference in helping the planet.

Source: Bobby Carlton, VRScout

Images: Passion Planet, Vision3