We are excited to launch an upcoming series of webinars to support professionals in using the Europeana Impact playbook, supporting you to better plan, measure and understand the impact that digital cultural heritage creates.main image

“We believe that we are all better off if we understand how the things we do every day, week and month contribute to bringing about a change in people’s lives.” Europeana Impact Community

Since 2015, we’ve been developing the Impact Playbook so that we can better plan, measure and understand the impact that digital cultural heritage creates. We’re now launching a series of five webinars designed to take you through the Playbook, and to discuss what we mean by impact, why it’s important to think about your impact, and how you can best start measuring it. We’ll introduce the four phases of the methodology and some new developments, and illustrate this with case studies of how it has been applied in practice, with speakers with first hand experience from right across Europe. Throughout the series, we’ll be encouraging webinar participants to use the Playbook in their work and send their feedback to us (and potentially also join us in the webinars).


A series of five webinars gives us time to walk through the different steps of the Playbook, and capture the feedback and questions of those who are joining us along the way. However, anyone is welcome to join at any time. Each webinar runs between 15.00-16.00 and is scheduled as follows:

  • 30 September 2020 – an introduction to what we mean by impact (see the webinar summary and recording here)
  • 28 October 2020 –  designing  your impact assessment (register here)
  • 25 November 2020 – get the data (right)
  • 27 January 2021 – narrating and sharing  your impact story
  • 24 February 2021 – looking back – evaluating your processes

Our goal and how we’ll get there

With external speakers and guests from outside of the Europeana Initiative, we’ll contextualise our work on impact assessment within the context of accelerated digital change brought about by the challenges of responding to the Covid-19 crisis. We want to explore what impact assessment means and how it can help us better understand and communicate the value of (digital) cultural heritage during these difficult times and in the future.

Phases one and two of the Impact Playbook are published online, with phases three and four still in development. We’ll present the first outlines of those phases and illustrate potential approaches through a series of case studies, but most importantly, you, as the audience, will be able to help shape their development.

About the Impact Playbook

The Europeana Impact Playbook is an intuitive and collaboratively-designed guide to help you take your first steps through impact planning, measurement and narration. You can read more about it on Europeana Pro, but you don’t have to have any background knowledge to join the webinar series. If you’re interested in being more involved, you can join the Impact Community.


We invite you to register for the second webinar! Registration for future webinars will open shortly via Eventbrite – keep checking our event page for information on how to join.