A museum app brings the entire attraction into the palm of the visitor, before, during and after the museum visit. It is a personalised tour guide, where different audiences can be catered to by adding multiple languages and multi-media content. Visitors are set along the right path by presenting the exhibits with different theme-related or age-appropriate tours as desired.

Museum and Collection tours are easily curated to provide different target audiences with an individual experience, i.e. children, tourists, featured works. Visitors can select the tour matching their interests, time, mood or even weather. The order and the content of the guided tours can be modified in real-time to adapt even to short-term changes in the exhibitions.

To capture younger audiences Xponia enables creating quizzes or treasure hunts. The reward and loyalty programme can be customised as well as the educational concept (multiple-choice, voice recording, drawing etc).

In the mobile app not only multi-media content is available, visitors could also explore background, archived and/or digitalised information and cross-links. And, as a new feature, Xponia is offering the food and beverage integration into a mobile museum app.

A mobile museum guide becomes an integral part of a museum´s ecosystem and unites the cooperation of different areas of responsibility like communication, education, marketing and IT.

The museum app is rather a new system than a closed project. After the launch of the museum app the journey for an enhanced digital visitor experience continues and new content, new languages, new features, games, interactions could be updated step-by-step. If not wanted or needed anymore features can be switched off to keep the app in line with the change. This flexibility enables the app to expand and grow with the museum at its individual speed, and also meet the available capacity and budget of the museum.

Source: https://advisor.museumsandheritage.com/features/xponia-apps-bringing-museum-visitors-palms/