Pulse Studio was asked by Chicago Scenic Studios (CSSI) to present some of their latest digital activations at the Communicating the Museum 21 (CTM) welcome reception. The event highlighted CSSI’s design and production capabilities while letting local and international museum designers and administrators mingle with partners like Pulse.

The Pulse Studio marketing team brought ten technology stations to their corner on the shop floor.  They were showing off the ability to create custom content for augmented and virtual reality as well as Pulse Studio’s interactive touchscreen games.  They brought some existing content, but developed some specifically for this museum event.  The attendees were encouraged to try out the technology they’re interested in bringing into their museums.  Most of the questions were about how to integrate the technology and the pros/cons of each.  

To keep with the museum theme, the Pulse Studio researched the history of DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.  The copies of the classic paintings and their own printed graphics acted as triggers for both the iPads and Android tablets.  The content added depth to the user’s AR experience by adding interactive layers of information to the paintings.  They even brought a big screen and the “Big AR” activation that uses Dinosaurs.  You could be part of a dinosaur stampede, stand beneath two fighting T-Rexs or get overwhelmed at the size of the Brachiosaurus.  To finish it off there was a facial recognition app that let you put an AR Viking helmet on and choose various face paint options for the attendees to play with.

Source: http://www.pulsestudio.com/museum-augmented-virtual-reality/