Realities lets you explore a growing library of interesting and mesmerizing places from all around the globe in virtual reality that are explorable in photorealistic quality. Travel to places that were out of reach before, e.g. famous tourist sites, archeological and cultural heritages sites and lost places.

Most of their scans are based on photogrammetry, but they also use other scanning techniques like LiDAR when necessary. Currently the platform only support HTC Vive, but Oculus Rift support will be added soon. Further you need a computer fullfilling the recommended specs for VR (Intel i5 / 4GB RAM / GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent).

Realities is free! It is part of thier vision to enable as many people as possible to travel to awesome places.

They just launched a pilot program in which they work together with selected content creators from around the world that are interested in scanning interesting locations.

If you have a background in (panorama) photography and/or film-making, often end up in cool & interesting places and are interested to create photogrammetry content, you can apply for their pilot program here.

Currently, Realities are focused on developing Realities as a platform and therefore they don’t do scanning for other partieas. If they do a scanning project for a third party, those scans have to be available as interesting content for the Realities platform as well.

Here are some presentational videos.