ALiVE promotes an integrated scientific and artistic research strategy. Domain specialists’ work together to create unique technological and content rich solutions for cultural and industrial applications in the public domain.

ALiVE is a platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary undertakings at CityU, providing research opportunities to faculty and students, and contexts for project-based learning. The emergent forms of creative media are providing new paradigms in embodied visualization, interactive narrative, participatory media and autonomous agency.

  • The theory, practice and aesthetics of interactive narrative, which is a basic formative of meaning and cognition in the digital domains
  • The extension of kinaesthetic, embodied and the enactive dimensions of multimedia experience to enable the interpretation of tangible and intangible cultural knowledge for galleries, libraries, archives and museums
  • Visual analytics, information aesthetics and HCI strategies that enable semantic navigation of massive heterogeneous multimedia databases for the digital humanities
  • Gaming, animation and special effects techniques that enable situated, immersive multi-player game environments and immersive mixed reality situations of enlivened social interaction and educational experience
  • Geographically distributed and mobile media situations to enable convergent communication and ubiquitous high-definition platforms in cyberspace for diverse cultural, social, and professional exchanges.

Source: ALiVE webpage