The first implementation of Google’s ARCore has been launched on the Pixel 2 device and it is called AR stickers. These sticker packs include characters from Star Wars, Stranger Things, and several of the company’s own creations. AR stickers can be accessed directly from the camera application of the device.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because it is a new innovation in the augmented reality field. The users will have access in AR content in an easier way, from the camera application of their device. The AR stickers update is running only on the Pixel 2 device though, but there is a great chance that it will be available to more devices in the future. More specifically, in the field of storytelling, the users will be able to have an AR sticker of a virtual curator of a museum exhibition and use it when they visit the specific museum, in order to learn more things about the exhibits of the museum from the virtual curator. Also, there is a great innovation in the field of presence, as those AR sticker look quite realistic, something that will make the users think that they are real and in the same room with them. Finally, the innovation in the field of gamification is great as well, as the users are able to interact or even take pictures or videos with those AR stickers.

A video in which the new AR stickers are presented: