The Commission has launched a call to support user-oriented projects for Europeana with one or both of the following objectives:

  • to provide tools for end users to highlight, share or enrich material accessible through Europeana, such as tools to list personal favourites, share discoveries on social media, upload personal memorabilia or enrich descriptions;
  • to produce concrete examples of re-use of the material accessible through Europeana in other sectors, such as in research, education, creative industries or tourism.

The tools, products or services funded under this call may be external (e.g. stand-alone applications or integrated in national infrastructures or thematic aggregators) or integrated in the Europeana Core Service Platform.

If you would like to know more on this call, The commission has organised a Virtual Info day on 12 September.

The event will take place via live web streaming and participants can register here

Please share this information with anyone with a potential interest in this call.