OpenSpace3D is “Free software” for Virtual and Augmented Reality projects development. Their goal is to democratize real-time 3D applications and provide a tool for all creative minds, not just developers.

Watch the presentation video.

Virtual Reality easier than ever

Users can download the software OPEN SPACE 3D for creating virtual environments, augmented reality and specific presentations of imaginative or real spaces. The platform supports and incorporates HTC Vive, Oculus and Google Cardboard applications.

OpenSpace3D supports two augmented reality techniques to make AR applications. The feature marker detection that allows to detect an image on the camera and the Aruco fiducial marker detection that allows to make fast applications with several markers and also use them as a tangible interface. More about augmented reality usage can be read here.

One of the great things about OpenSpace3D is it’s native support for several Virtual Reality and Input devices : the Leap Motion for hands tracking, the Myo armband for gesture recognition, the Neurosky headset for concentration and meditation or the Emotiv Epoc for EEG signals, the Nonin Oxymeter for heart pulse, HTC Vive, Oculus and Vuzix for VR, the Tobii EyeX for eye tracking, or any serial devices that support so you can play with Arduino and any device and tracking system compatible with VRPN.

Once completed, the virtual reality application can be easily exported for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS.

The platform OPENSPACE3D is accessible here.