Athens Time-Walk is an offline guide with 3D representations of Athens’ most famous archaeological sites.
This application presents you the cultural past of Athens in a virtual and augmented environment, featuring the famous sites of the city and presenting them in 3D reconstructions. The app functions whether you are on-site or off-site.

In the on-site tour, related to your current position, you may watch the ancient monuments in situ and through multimedia content to get all the information needed. When you are off-site, the app functions like a game, using the joystick to walk through the site.
There simply is no better way to learn about the history of Athens on foot, at your own pace.

This app comes with a detailed and fully functional city map to assist you not only to explore the city center, but also locate all the important archaeological sites. City map functions in this app include: street name, location tracking and more.

All the data used in this app is built into the software, so no need for internet access or cellular data plan. Also, no need to pay the costly roaming charges.

Features of the Time Walk in Athens App:
• Free app with no hidden costs
• App works offline
• Offline map of the city centre of Athens.
• Multimedia content

Download the app:

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Project Manager: Giannis Ladas

Programming: Stathis Georgiou, Giannis Ladas, Kyriakos Lesgidis

3D reconstructions: Dimitris Tsalkanis, Faye Kotzia

Graphic Design: Terpsi Kremali, Filitsa Ioannidou

Project Coordination: Marietta Papakonstantinou

Scientific Supervision: Dimitris Tsalkanis, Marietta Papakonstantinou

Multimedia content: Marietta Papakonstantinou, Giannis Ladas, Maria Leonida, Theressa Giakoumatou, Anastasia Daskalopoulou, Fotis Moschos