Scope and Objectives

By Month 7 WG 1.3 created a list of international and European-level organisations whose scope of activity is relevant to VM/VCH and their future. The list included organizations such as ICOMOS, UNESCO and major European bodies.

The list will be made public on the ViMM-Platform, and suggestions from the whole community invited. Descriptions included:

  • Name of organization.
  • Short description of organization.
  • Contact details for organization.
  • Relations to the field of Virtual Museums e.g. (remit, policies and interests).

WG 1.3 developed a timetabled plan for ViMM communication and interaction with each organization and defined issues to be explored with each of them, together with possible outcomes to be pursued, both over the duration of the Working Groups and by the project following that. WG 1.3 produced a Progress Report on communication with the listed organisations.


  • Define a list with organizations related with virtual museums.
  • Provide a list of topics to discuss with the organizations.
  • Prepare a Progress Report that describes the results of the communication with the organizations.


The outcomes of this work included:

  • List of relevant international organisations.
  • Communication and Interaction Plan.
  • Progress Report.

Working Group members:

  • Sander Muenster – CHAIR 
  • Andreas Georgopoulos 
  • Nikos Grammalidis
  • Goranka Horjan
  • Marinos Ioannides 
  • Monika Jedralska
  • Tom Kline
  • Jef Malliet
  • Paolo Vitti 
  • Markus Wacker
  • Alex Yen
  • Roko Zarnic