Augmented Reality (AR) has been a part of our life for quite some time now. It is a great innovation, which lately became really easy to use, as the need of pricey equipment and its usage complexity, has come to an end. That is because, Augmented Reality is accessible via our smartphones. We only need a smartphone with the capability to support Augmented Reality, in order to experience that great technology.

Augmented Reality has already been applied to many sectors. Firstly, the Franklin Institute has adopted Augmented Reality, in order for visitors to be able to tap on the virtual clay warriors to restore the missing tools of their trade (because the clay warriors are too delicate to touch). It has been noticed that this technology encouraged many visitors to stay longer at the exhibition. Apart from the museums and exhibitions, Augmented Reality has been applied by some shopping companies, in order for the people to test the products with this technology to notice if these products really cover their needs.

As it is seen, Augmented Reality is expanding in various sectors of our everyday lives. It is a technology, which has become (and is still becoming) very popular for many people. With the recent development of Apple’s ARKit, which made Augmented Reality more accessible to people, this technology is expected to become even more popular in the future.



Apple’s ARKit :