Historium Brugge

Historium takes you back in time to medieval Bruges (15th century). This historical attraction is a one-hour total experience where decors, film, music and special effects merge into a magical experience that excites your senses. You will be escorted in your own language using audio guides through the themed rooms. You are virtually standing in the middle of historical scenes, the old port or master painter Van Eyck’s studio. It is more than seeing and hearing. You step into the past and smell, feel, experience what it was like then. A sensual, invigorating experience.

Historium aims to offer a true and realistic experience. To do so, hand tracking has been added so that you can fully experience 15th century Bruges. The experience goes one step beyond what you can see at home on your smartphone using VR glasses.

Historium was a truly innovative project, being the second VR experience in the world. Today, the makers are not just running the Historium: they’er advisors for cultural heritage organisations who are about to work with VR too.