The creation process of cinematic storytelling relied mainly on rendered sequences (of images) which where pre calcutated and therefore took a lot of time to process. Within the past few years GPU (graphic processing unit of the computers graphic card) was integrated into the rendering process in order to speed up this task. The newest software renderer nowerdays achieves the same quality of realism in realtime. This will give an enourmous boost to the VR content creation world opening up new possibilities for VR environments and Hardware like HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).

The unbiased realtime renderer “Octane” from the company OTOY anounced to team up with one of the largest producers of realtime editors (Unity3D) in the coming months which will have a significant impact for the creative industry and therefore also for the visual representation of cultural heritage using this techniques. VIMM will further monitor the state the art of this technology and report on solutions made.

But see for your self what that means… (link to OTOY)

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