Through Jan. 14 at Science Museum Oklahoma, guests with a smartphone or tablet in hand can view different exhibits through augmented reality. This experience is the work of ReLiveIt, an Oklahoma City-based startup that has developed an application designed to enhance the visitor experience at museums, historical sights and tourist attractions. Dubbed the “Museum of Augmented Reality,” ReLiveIt’s pop-up museum is located on SMO’s second floor and is included with general admission.

By using the ReLiveIt application on their smartphone or tablet, guests can point their device at the text panel next to each of the exhibit’s artifacts. The action will trigger a unique augmented reality experience for each item that includes CGI objects and animals, time-lapse videos, and green screen videos with narrators sharing the unique story behind each object.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because this is another successful adaption of augmented reality in a museum. With the help of augmented reality, guests can view many different museum exhibits through their smartphone or tablet. It is an amazing experience for the guests, which makes them learn new things in a fun and interesting way that many of them may have never experienced before. This augmented reality experience combines the storytelling (narrators sharing the story of different objects presented with the help of augmented reality), presence (the ability for the guests to explore all those objects from every viewing angle, like the objects are in the same room with them) and gamification (the gamified way of presenting the objects in augmented reality) fields in order to provide the visitors with the best results.