Museo Nacional Centro de arte

Reina Sofia

Rethinking Guernica


Chronology, itineraries & gigapixel

Visible light, ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray



Pablo Picasso


1937 (May 1st-June 4th, Paris)


Oil on canvas


349,3 x 776,6 cm

On display in:

Room 206

The most recent technical photographic studies of Guernica have enabled the Museo Reina Sofía restoration team to draw certain conclusions for researchers and restorers. Here you’ll find a selection of highlights, abstracts from the complete Restoration study and report. Read the complete Restoration Study.

The execution process

Alterations to the support

Craquelure, fissures and losses of media

Accumulations of wax

Paint residues from the act of vandalism

Restoration Study