Ever wondered if your Instagram account is a virtual museum?

Tour your own photos in the Louvre museum or an art gallery. With Instamuseum you’ll create your own 3D gallery in just minutes. You can share it with your friends and explore it in VR!

Here’s how you create your own Instamuseum:

  1. Visit Instamuseum.com and enter a Instagram username.
  2. Select an environment to use (for now we have The Louvre, Art Gallery, Wall and Cube, but more will follow).
  3. Sign in to your Sketchfab account, or create one – it only takes 10 seconds.
  4. Wait a few minutes while we grab your pictures, frame them, and hang them on your virtual walls.
  5. Your Instamuseum will appear and you can start exploring it!

Are you pleased with the result? Then share it with your friends with the social media buttons below your model. Facebook supports Sketchfab, and your friends will see your gallery right in their news feeds.

And if you have a VR headset or a Cardboard VR viewer, just click the VR button and enjoy your Instamuseum in full, immersive 3D!

Source: Sketchfab