The Jewish Monument is an online site that commemorates the over 104,000 Dutch Jews who perished during the Holocaust. Every victim of the Holocaust who was murdered is memorialised on the Jewish Monument with a personal profile.

Here is the informational VIDEO.

The Homepage combines a listing of every Dutch Jew who perished during the Holocaust with the placing of events against a timeline. Each person is represented by a pixel.

The link to the storytelling homepage.

If the visitor clicks on a year, each individual who perished during that period will appear as an orange pixel. Search features allow the visitor to view an individual’s personal profile as well as to conduct more general searches.

The Jewish Monument allows you to search for specific individuals, addresses and commemorations. As a visitor, you can also actively contribute to the Monument  by uploading images and documents, writing new stories or completing and restoring familial connections. The Monument also enables you to contact family members and/or other users of this site.

The Jewish Monument is maintained by the Jewish Cultural Quarter, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands.