Augmented and virtual reality in Casa Batllo, Barcelona

The boundless imagination of Antoni Gaudí is responsible for a style that pervades this house. With the aim of capturing his limitless genius and decoding the architect’s language, Casa Batlló has opted to make use of new technologies in a big way: they are including completely new content that combines augmented reality and virtual elements to offer a much more dynamic, captivating and surprising cultural visit concept and specific and modern user experience.

In virtual way, visitors can discover how the Batlló family would have lived in Barcelona in those days, they can explore the furniture and they can let themselves be carried away by the animations relating to the natural and organic shapes that allude to the various brilliant aesthetic and functional features of the building.

Use the following link for more detailed info.

The video presentation of the AR features of Casa Batllo can be found here.

Casa Batllo also offers a great 360º VR experience tour that you can check out online.