Working Group 7.1,  Long-Term Life Cycle, Policy Making

Scope and Objectives

Sustainability of the content provided will go hand in hand with the further technological developments and their constant updates. This approach demands further investments and upkeep which must be manifested in the policy making in both a financial and an ideological sense.


  • Policy -making Pathway, for the development of VMs
  • Statistical evaluation of the platform and its content
  • Cost efficiency in production pipelines of VMs
  • Curatorial and scientific concept creation


  • Results of the research about the potential of social media and crowdsourcing published on the VIMM-Platform will show the possibilities for disseminating and financing VMs.
  • Analyze and monitor the attractiveness of existing content through statistic reports and direct feedback of visitors (replies, chats and public rating)
  • Policy -making pathway for local, regional and European decision makers enhancing the development and expansion of virtual museums.
  • Workflow optimization for the creation VMs to reduce costs and allow an effective curatorial and scientific concept creation.

Working Group members:

Florian Prix, CAT-X Conceptual Art Technologies

Iris Ott, Museum of Natural History Vienna

Marion Grossmann,   Archäologischer Park Carnuntum

Joaquim Carvalho,  Fundacao Cidade de Ammaia

Katharina Knoll,  Bogner -Knoll