“See them! Meet them!” The Islanders on Gunkanjima!? Explore MR (Mixed Reality) in the Museum! Wearing the HoloLens and going around the Museum…


Gunkanjima (“battleship island”) or Hashima – its official name -is an island near Nagasaki, that played an important role in the industrialisation of Japan, and was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage site list in July 2015 as a site of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining. The leading-edge digital technology VR allows you to visit the island that has been abandoned since the 1970ies  and to travel back in time to Gunkanjima in those days!

Through the huge screen and the projection mapping, this museum takes you to the former flourishing time of Gunkanjima when it had the highest population density in the world, as well as a restricted area where you could never see even by the landing tour.

       Gunkanjima VR

The Islanders living on Gunkanjima and the items of that time come up to the real world! It seems like you get lost in the Gunkanjima of those days. Let’s explore the island with the tour guide Gansho-kun! Since the custom items for Gunsho-kun are hidden in the Museum, you can get them and customize for your own Gunsho-kun!

                 Featuring a Bird’s-Eye View 3D model of Gunkanjima

The Gunkanjima Digital Museum is located in Nagasaki city (Japan). How to get there? See details.

Source: https://www.gunkanjima-museum.jp/data/en/