About the company (starup from Slovenia) and their product – from their web page:

Viar360 is the most intuitive end-to-end solution for 360 VR creation and distribution:

    Drag-and-drop creation,

    Cross-platform distribution,

    Insightful analytics,

    And much more!

We are developing a cloud-based content management system for virtual and augmented reality that will empower publishers, educators, brands, and businesses.


EU office

  • info@viar.si
  • VIAR d.o.o. | Jenkova 13, 3000 Celje | Slovenia | Europe

US office

  • info@viar.si
  • VIAR Inc. | 320 Westlake Ave N | ​Seattle, WA 98109 | USA
  • +1 360 214 3597

ViarBox is easy to use, can be custom branded and produced at low costs at scale. It is a practical and effective promotional accessory for anyone using VR.


Planica 360

A journalistic piece from RTV Slovenia.





This interview with Viar 360 custom VR headsets, and virtual video tour software (for storyboards and website building) video was filmed in 4k 360 for viewing in Virtual Reality devices.