An art gallery experience for virtual reality.

Experience Minerva in JanusVR, a collaborative web browser for Virtual Reality, where links are portals and pages are rooms.

  1. Download the JanusVR software here.
  2. Install JanusVR.
  3. Start JanusVR and click the ‘tab’ button to open a portal directly to the lobby for www.minervavr.com.
  4. Open a portal to the Traditional Gallery or the Circlescape.

Minerva may be viewed in 2D or in 3D with your virtual reality headset.


Socialize with real-time connectivity.


Discover billions of pixels.


Anything is possible.

The newest project is an outdoor gallery arranged as a circlescape.

The Circlescape

Video, 8:05 min


The VR Dudes took a tour through the salons of Minerva with ‘wick’, the curator for the exhibition, and one of the artists, ‘Alusion’. This episode presents Minerva as a digital visual space in virtual reality, where people are able to interact with the artwork as well as with each other, with or without a head mounted display.

Below, are three shorter videos demonstrating proof of concept and technical tests.


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More: http://www.minervavr.com/



  • JanusVR

The Immersive Internet

JanusVR re-imagines webpages as collaborative 3D webspaces interconnected by portals.


  • JanusWeb Widget Generator

Easily embed VR webspaces in your 2D webpages

With the JanusWeb Widget Generator, you’re a few clicks away from having a fully immersive, 3D world inside of your webpage or blog.


  • JanusWeb

Experience Janus in Your Browser

Easily connect to the metaverse from within a normal 2D browser. Whether on a desktop computer, phone or tablet, JanusWeb runs on most modern web browsers and allows you to explore, chat and play across devices.

  • Janus Markup Language

A Simple Way to Build for the Spatial Web

It’s easy to create and share a webspace in JanusVR. It’s as simple as hosting a text file, and a familiar experience for any web developer.


  • JanusVR Documentation

[BUILD] Markup Language: Intro to JML

JanusVR is essentially a web browser. Like most web browsers, content is defined through a “markup language” stored within an html file.

The JanusVR Markup Language (JML) is the basis for most three dimensional webspaces in JanusVR. By simply adding the JanusVR Markup Language to any document and then visiting that document in JanusVR, you can transform it into a rich 3D environment.

More: http://www.janusvr.com/