Project Category: Virtual Reality

mobile, rapid reconstruction for VR heritage simulation

Abstract This case study presents a comparison of latest software and hardware for rapid reconstruction of real humans using as an input RGB or RGB-D images, and based on this comparison is introducing the pipeline that produces high realistic reconstructions in a reasonable amount of time, suitable for real-time Virtual Reality (VR) simulations in virtual museums. Keywords Rapid reconstruction, Virtual Reality (VR), Agisoft Photoscan software, Fast Avatar Capture application, Occipital Structure Sensor Virtual characters play a fundamental role for attaining high level of believability in Mixed-reality environments and they are the key-element for transferring knowledge and presenting scenarios in...

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Abstract This case study of excellence presents how museums, memorials, and cultural heritage institutions running on a limited budget can develop a virtual panoramic tour with basic functionalities like navigation, zooming, information hotspots, and integrated links to websites, online databases, platforms, etc. As a ViMM best-practice example serves the project Bode 360° – A virtual tour of the Berlin Bode-Museum planned and realized by Wolfgang Gülcker. A presentation of the main components and services of Bode 360°, a sketch of how to create a virtual panoramic tour, and a brief look at future possibilities are the central topics of...

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