Project Category: Virtual Reality

ArtLens at the Cleveland Art Museum

Abstract ArtLens in the Cleveland Museum of Art has a clean and elegant UI (User Interface Design), which is exceptional for museum mobile applications. It is a real-time AR collection app, structured concerning multiple experiences and interaction of the visitor with VM. Interface is designed on a basis of being easily accessible and on a high level of user experience and user interaction. Technologies and tools are segmented on several different levels of user interaction. On-site gallery is a multifaceted, innovative experience that allows visitors to look closer, dive deeper and discover the museum’s collection using up-to-date digital technology...

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Case Study for True Augmented Reality (AR) application in Industrial Museum and Cultural and Educational Center in Thessaloniki

Abstract This case study presents an innovative way of presenting artefacts and exhibitions in general, in a museum. This way is called “True Augmented Reality (AR)”. Specifically, this case study provides information about True AR and its adaptation to a real museum (the Industrial Museum and Cultural and Educational Center in Thessaloniki). True AR is a new innovation and evolution of Virtual Museums. Lately, the main technologies that are used in Virtual Museums are Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and holographic Augmented Reality. This case study allows the most important innovation of True AR, which is the fact...

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Immersive VR/AR Museum Guide

Abstract The Miocene site of Stetten near Vienna inherits the largest palaeontological oyster reef known today. Over 650 different species had been found and the excellent conservation of their remains allows a precise reconstruction of the environment and its inhabitants. In addition to a 3D reconstruction, carried out in 2014, a mobile museum guide was produced in 2017, showcasing the sites history with animated 360° scenes in an immersive stereo vision. Keywords Immersive reality, photogrammetry, laser scan, virtual reality, museums, sites, vr -headsets, questionnaire, user experience, real -time applications About 17 million years ago the Korneuburg basin near Vienna,...

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Questionnaire on a VR user experience

Abstract This case study of excellence focuses the experience of approx. 460 probands who tested an immersive reality application showcasing the famous church of St. Charles in Vienna, and gives an overview of the production process as well as an excerpt of the content of the questionnaire and its concluding outcome. KK Promo from Michael Klein on Vimeo. Keywords Immersive reality, photogrammetry, laser scan, virtual reality, museums, sites, vr -headsets, questionnaire, user experience, real -time applications. Widely considered the most outstanding baroque church in Vienna, as well as one of the city’s greatest buildings is the Karlskirche located at...

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Co-Design of a Virtual Heritage Experience

Abstract In this case of excellence, we present the design of a site-specific virtual heritage experience for a bomb shelter dating from the Spanish Civil War, known as Refugi 307. In order to maximize impact, we followed a co-design approach to analyse the project requirements for an educational experience for primary school students. In this way we included in the design the different needs and viewpoints of the involved stakeholders (students, teachers, curators, guides and interaction designers). The prototype was based on a novel Augmented Reality interaction paradigm, called World as Support. The goal was to complement the current...

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