Project Category: Storytelling

Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure

Abstract Into the Wild is a mixed reality experience taking place in Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. Visitors can freely explore an immersive exhibit in which the entire museum transforms into a virtual rainforest, thanks to Tango. The app tracks motion and understands depth, distance travelled and objects inside the museum-turned-rainforest. The rainforest is inhabited by endangered animals people can interact with to learn about the dangers they face from human impact. Into the Wild becomes a reality when the virtual tree that people can plant as a symbolic act becomes a real tree in Sumatra donated by the project’s sponsors. Keywords Mixed...

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Abstract EMOTIVE is a 3-year H2020 project, which aims to use emotional storytelling to change how we experience museums and heritage sites. The principal objective for EMOTIVE is to research, design, develop and evaluate methods and tools that can support the cultural and creative industries in offering their diverse audiences effective emotive storytelling. The Hunterian EMOTIVE prototype experiences include VR/AR technologies and 3D printed objects to convey two personal stories (told by a Roman centurion and by a local a local Caledonian slave girl) that tackle personal dilemmas and issues of identity. These stories were created with an Authoring...

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David Bowie Is App

Abstract The official augmented reality adaptation of the legendary exhibition, introduced and narrated by David Bowie’s close friend and Oscar winner, Gary Oldman. We can explore the full museum show in stunning detail, in the intimacy of our own environment, without glass barriers or crowds of visitors. This spectacular iteration of the iconic show includes over 50 high-res 3D costumes. Plus many never before seen items. 38 songs and more videos, live performances and original lyric sheets and design notes. And much more. Keywords AR_exhibition, Augmented_reality, VR, 3D images, 3D_scanning, digital museum show, cultural_heritage, music, David Bowie Heritage, David...

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VR Reconstruction of Tel-el-Daba, a Puzzle in 4D

Abstract The aim of the ‘A Puzzle in 4D’ project is to provide long-term preservation for the rich archaeological resources of the excavations at Tell el Daba in Egypt. Digital and non-digital excavation data will be enriched with metadata and prepared for long-term archiving and open-access online publication. Keywords VR Reconstruction, Virtual Archaeology, VR Sites, Digital Reconstruction, Aegypt, Keyword_01, Keyword_02, Keyword_03, Keyword_04,..Keyword_n The overall aim of the A Puzzle in 4D project is the digital long-term preservation of the knowledge and information from the Austrian excavations at Tell el Daba by preparing them for long-term archiving based on national...

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Holographic and Augmented Reality simulations for cultural heritage

Abstract This case study presents two Mixed Reality simulation technologies which can be used for cultural heritage simulations. These technologies are Augmented Reality (AR) and Holographic Mixed Reality (HMR). Augmented Reality in our case study employs both MetaioSDK and the recent ARKit while Holographic Mixed Reality uses Microsoft Hololens. Specifically, we compare the immersive experience, interaction modality, field of view and level of presence that each of these technologies provide. Our results have been first demonstrated at the Asinou church, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage monument located in Cyprus and are currently being deployed at the Greek Ministry of Culture....

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